Company Tax

Company Tax

Corporation Tax / Company Tax

Corporation Tax is a tax levied on the profits made by companies or associations and often includes capital gains of a company.

If you are a Director of a company you have a legal obligation to file a self assessment Corporation Tax Return within 12 months of the companys accounting year end.

Self Assessment means you have to tell the tax man what income the company has made and how much tax it is due to pay.

There are penalties that could exceed a £1,000 if you do not meet this obligation.

Self Assessment Corporation Tax Return

Edward Lowe Accountants will, as part of preparing accounts for your company, complete its Self Assessment Tax Return, calculate the corporation tax due and tell you when this has to be paid.

More importantly we will

  • make sure that any reliefs available are claimed to minimize the amount you have to pay.
  • File the return on time to ensure no penalties are due

This service is provided at a Fixed Fee agreed before we commence the work.



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