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Payroll Services

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At Edward Lowe Accountants we often say to our clients, if you make a mess of your bookkeeping records we can sort them out at the end of your accounting year. If you make a mess of deducting tax and national insurance from your employees this will be time consuming and therefore expensive to you for us to correct. For this reason we always recommend that the operating of a weekly/monthly payroll is outsourced to us.

Whether it is deducting PAYE Tax and National Insurance or how to pay Sick, Maternity or Paternity pay to your employees. This is one of the most complicated things you will come across whilst running you business.

In addition, as with most things tax these days, there are hefty penalties for getting it wrong or failing to file returns on time. Do you know, if as an employer you fail to deduct the correct tax and national insurance from your employee. HM Revenue and Customs will not chase the employee for this underpayment but the employer for failing to make the correct deduction. This can be a very expensive mistake.

At Edward Lowe Accountants we provide a full Payroll services from supplying you with payslips to give to your employees. Payroll expense summarys for your bookkeeping records, amounts you need to pay to HM Revenue & Customs on a monthly basis, to advice on what holiday/sick /maternity pay or national minimum wage you are required to pay to your employees.

This services is provided at a fixed fee based on a price per payslip. Please contact us for full details